The best decision Victoria ever made was to train professionally as an actress. This training has given her the tools she needs to unearth the variety of qualities which every character embodies. 

 She has recently filmed a Web Series called 'Becoming Danish' where she played the titular role of the Danish Girl, Annalise. This is being released next month.

Victoria is currently working with up-and-coming writers, work-shopping their new writing, auditioning for a variety of TV, Film, and Theatre, and is learning about the craft that is self-taping for U.S shows!



Watching Glory Die at Cockpit Theatre



The sole cast member, Victoria Fox, carries the entire play’s running time, shouldering the Herculean task of not only tackling extremely difficult subject matter, but doing so while playing three parts. 

Fox’s capability is such that she manages to create – utilising practically no physical props – three distinct and disparate characters; that of Glory, a young inmate in a woman’s prison, a guard in the facility, and Glory’s adoptive mother.

Her performance runs the gamut from subtle and deft, to downright jarring. Not often can the phrase “difficult to watch” be assigned as a complimentary term, but with Watching Glory Die, this is certainly the case.

Apart from the impressively minimalist staging, highly competent direction, and captivating performance by Fox, the play’s greatest strength is its lingering effect. Seldom have I seen such passionate and engrossing discussion taking place after a play. 

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 by Victoria Fox